Disobedient Dachshund  Well that aptly describes our two, Finn and Tilda.  We knew that when we bought them, but that is what makes owning them such FUN !

They are both very intelligent and very capable of behaving, but where would the fun be in that. They look at you keenly from underneath those expressive eye brows and then do the absolute opposite.

No laughing, because that just rewards that naughty behaviour.

Yes, we go to obedience class every Sunday and they are the clowns of the class.  There is no room for embarrassment while the German Shepherds and Labradors all do it perfectly.  My two always perform but to the rest of the class and especially to the instructor who they adore.

Despite this Finn has actually passed his Gold Obedience exam.  He is an angel when the chips are down.

Tilda is just a real girl and is only interested in the social side.  She throws herself down on the ground, frog style, when the training begins.  More laughter as I drag her round the hall. Determined and disobedient.

So you can see why they are such inspiration for my designs.  Who wouldn’t be inspired?

I hope you enjoy my Disobedient Dachshund website and that my designs put a smile on your face too!